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Doug Glanville talks about his experience after 9/11

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"As a player I mean it was it was a scary time. We were trying to heal and figure it out ourselves and I grew up right outside of New York in Teaneck, New Jersey. So I saw the Twin Towers pretty much daily from the skyline. So it was extremely difficult to just try to know what to do at that moment. And as actually as a player rep we were trying to decide whether we should even play and come back. There was a you know a lot of concern about well do we go back and what's gonna happen? You have family, you have friends, worried about your safety in these public settings. But in the end it was something that became a sign of courage and I think people fed off of this. I think they felt like okay, yeah, we can get together. We can do some of the things that are part of our tradition and we can be back in business again."