Jon Miller talks about VORP and other stats in baseball

1 minute 35 seconds

"I love to look at baseball numbers to this day. But as a broadcaster it's very limited to the amount of good you can get from these numbers while the game is going on. They're great in the newspaper article in a magazine maybe even in Sports Center, but in a game you have the game happening. And to explain the number and why it's significant you know people are not paying that close attention. It's, it's a game; it's a diversion; it's an entertainment. It's like VORP. Did he say VORP? This guy's VORP is three fifty. What the hell is VORP? Well we could spend half the day explaining what VORP is. But there are those who will tell you VORP is probably the defining statistic of any player to tell you if he's really good, if he's great or not as good as we think. VORP, I don't have a clue how they figure out VORP. But it's something to do with the value of a player over an average replacement for him at his position. So you know how that adds up and how they calculate it I don't have a clue. I'm still trying to get OPS, you know O-P-S which is slugging percentage added to on base percentage. And that's OPS. His OPS is nine seventy. I know that that's really good."