Dan Okrent discusses inventing Rotisserie baseball.

1 minute 3 seconds

"The reason why people play Rotisserie capital R trademark or fantasy, lower case 'f', rip off baseball is because it enables them to do that thing which they have always wished they were able to do as fans which is decide how to run a team. We all talk about the trades we wish that our, our favorite team would make or the trades they didn't make or why they are playing this guy instead of that guy? And here you have the opportunity to do that—the opportunity to show that you are as smart or as stupid as the people who are running major league teams. I think that the fantasy that most of us have about actually roaming cent, roaming the pastures of centerfield or whatever it might be we know that these are such far-fetched fantasies. There's nothing remotely real about that. But it's really easy if you are, in my case, 59 years old and overweight and grey and had to work in business for a long time, say, 'I could do that. I could move into that office. I could sit behind that desk and make that trade every bit as well Brian Cashman does.'"