The Sun Shining

Joe Torre talks about moving on from the steroid scandal

53 seconds

"We all have to help pull this thing together as opposed to pointing fingers at somebody saying it's your fault. That's not what's important at this juncture. What's important is to restore the health.Baseball had a black eye but I'm not sure that everybody should have been named. It's an issue where it's a bad thing. Let's try to make sure it never happens again, and then move on because to me the thing that's important is to have the fans look upon this game the way you should look at it, and that's it's pure, it's trustworthy, and all these things. It's a sad time but it's something we have to deal with, we have to get through it and hopefully there's sun shining on the other side of this thing because this game is too beautiful to have a lasting scar on it."