Artful Deceptions

Tom Verducci discusses the cheating difference between injecting steroids and scuffing a ball

44 seconds

"Not all crimes are the same. There's misdemeanors and there's felonies. You can say they're all crimes. But we really are we should be educated and smart enough to differentiate here between you know a guy putting Vaseline on the ball or a guy injecting steroids into his butt. I mean the last time I checked Vaseline was not considered a controlled substance by the federal government. So somehow we got to a point where it became this is what you do in baseball no matter what the laws of the country are, this is part of playing the game, you know. You work hard. You train hard. You get bigger. And you also use illegal performance enhancing substances. That to me is way different than trying to steal signs from second base or trying to scuff a ball to make it move more."