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Tom Verducci talks about how the Yankee team changed after Paul O'Neil left

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"You knew at that moment that it wasn't going to be the same. You know O'Neill was leaving, Martinez was leaving, Brosius was leaving. You know the team was going to be very different. But especially O'Neill really changed the DNA of the team without him there. And the torch passed but it wasn't going to be the same Yankee team. It was gonna be very different if only because he wasn't there. Paul O'Neill lived for every pitch. Every at bat. I really think the culture of the Yankees changed when the Yankees traded for him from the Cincinnati Reds. The intensity that he brought to the game every single day was something that everybody else in the clubhouse began to understand and to emulate. He wasn't the kind of guy to call a team meeting. But he was the kind of guy who never had a down day, never had a low energy day. And everybody else saw that. And they fed off of that."