I'm Not Here to Talk About the Past

Lance Williams talks about the reaction of SF fans after the steroids issue broke

1 minute 11 seconds

"In 2004 we wrote a series of articles at the Chronicle exposing Bonds and some of the other ball players as drug cheats. And the reaction was, especially among Giants fans, was just intensely negative. Now it mutated over the months. Initially the reaction in emails and angry phone calls and letters to the editor was 'you're making it up.' 'You're lying.' 'You're just making it up about Barry.' By the end of the journey the reaction was no less angry but now it was 'I don't care. Everybody does it anyway. Why don't you give it a break? I don't care.' People trying to process it I suppose. Giants fans trying to process it. But being no less unhappy for the information. I would get grown men who would write me long letters saying words like this, 'thanks so much for ruining something special in my life.' I mean it was this adult child addressing me. And I just I, holy moley."