Asterisks and the Hall of Fame

Will, Bryant, Early and Verducci discuss how statistics would be unraveled with asterisks

"Not every problem has a solution. There are problems in this world and there are messes. Problems you solve; messes you live with. This is a mess. It's a mess for the following reason. Baseball has this wonderful double entry bookkeeping. For every home run that's hit a pitcher gave up a home run. That's in this wonderful world, this web of statistics. You can't take that away without the whole thing unraveling. Besides, the only people who care about the baseball record book are serious baseball fans. We know how to read it. We know what happened. If you put an asterisk over Barry Bonds, what do you do about Chuck Knoblauch? What do you do about Gaylord Perry, who wrote a book about how he cheated? It never ends."