Artful Deceptions

Tom Boswell talks about Baseball as a window to our society

1 minute 8 seconds

"It's not so much that baseball is a, a metaphor as it is another window into the culture. The same time in the late 1990's that you saw the Nasdaq boom, the search for easy money, easy gratification, doctoring earnings—very fast and lose pe- period on Wall Street—you also saw everybody in baseball—not just part of baseball that was cheating—you saw everybody from 1995 through the late nineties. The same time that you had a bubble in the stock market, you had a bubble in the muscles in baseball, you had a relaxing of standards, a sense of 'Oh, it's okay.' And at the same time that we were going through the period of correction in our stock market and in our expectations there, and we were putting Bernie Ebbers in jail, we were also staring to decide who in baseball should be put in the public pillory, who else should be in the block. And I thought that whole period from 1995 through the early 2000s was a parallel between what was going on on Wall Street and what was going on in baseball."