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Marcus Breton talks about being a San Francisco Giants fan.

"The Giants were the first team to establish a beach head in Latin America. They owned the market. They found Juan Marichal and Orlando Cepeda, Hall of Famers. Felipe Alou, a great name in baseball. They owned it and they let it go. They didn't think it was that important.And Giants fans would we became so kind of perverse that major moments in our history were times that the Dodgers lost. That's not a real positive way to look at life. Instead of celebrating your own successes you're celebrating somebody else's failure. That's kind of twisted on a certain level. So we're bitter; we're angry; we have a complex; it's certainly nothing that I want to pass on to my own children. And so now we're half a century in San Francisco and I don't know when it's gonna happen, if it's gonna happen. And I'm not happy about that."