I'm Not Here to Talk About the Past

Marcos Breton talks about Bonds' view of humanity.

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"I'll take my share of the blame as a media person for chronicling his excesses and his flaws as a human being. But I also believe that, Bonds has a dark view of humanity and a cynical view of humanity that he stonewalled on the question of steroids for so long because he knew, and he understood the American craving for excellence and for stardom and for celebrity. He knew the home fans at San Francisco were gonna cheer him no matter what. He knew that the home fans at AT&T Park while they were, we're talking about reasonable people who would be able to see right and wrong in other facets of their lives, in this one just close their eyes, okay, cause they want to see the show. And he understood that even the fans on the road who booed him mercilessly. If he hit a home run they'd cheer for him."