Our Baseball

Marcos Breton talks about how America needed to go back to the ballpark after 9/11.

53 seconds

"You know there was a lot of talk at that point, particularly among some in the media, that it wasn't it right for baseball to come back. I totally disagree with that then and now. I was so happy to go back to the ball park. And I think that all of us needed to go back. None of us had forgotten, I mean what had happened, clearly. It was in our hearts. But we needed to go back to the ball park and we needed to have the games to show people that we were moving forward and going on with life. We were going to commemorate the people that we lost but we were going to also go on which is I think what they would have wanted us to do and what we had to do. That we had no other choice, we had to go on. And we had to go on in a way that sort of expressed who we were as Americans. And what better way than to go to a baseball game?"