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Make a Kite
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Ben's original instructions

Step 5: Take the string and wrap it tightly around the center of your sticks, binding them together. You will be making an "X" shape with the string. Double check that the notches remain parallel to the ground.
step 5 illustration

Step 6: Thread the string through all the notches, creating a diamond shape. Wrap it around twice, making sure the string is taut. This is the frame of your kite.
step 6 illustration

Step 7: Pull the end of the string back towards the center of your kite. (Make sure the frame is still taut.) Wrap your string tightly around both sticks (mimicking the "X" shape you made earlier with the string) and tie it off with a knot.
step 7 illustration

Step 8: Cut your paper or plastic bag so that it is slightly larger than the kite frame.
step 8 illustration
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