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Get Creative!
Now that you have explored the importance of the past on your own or with others, it's time to get creative. Tell others about your past and why it is important to you. To enter the contest, do the following:

Write a poem, song or short story or create a work of art that explains why your past is important to you, and what statement that makes about the importance of the past in general.

For example, compose a song with Spanish and English lyrics to illustrate how cool it is to be part of a family that speaks two languages. Write a poem about fishing with your father and grandfather and show how young people can learn from their elders skills that are as useful now as they were years and years ago. Create or draw a quilt using watercolors or colored paper -- the different squares could show important events from the past, and could honor a friend or family member with quilting talents.

We will accept submissions only until March 31st, 1998. The top three winning entries will be published on this Web site, and the winners will receive a Travel Pack from Alaska with gear that includes a t-shirt, CD-ROM and book. Go ahead and try it! You might just get to share your work, and your culture, with the world.

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