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Arctic Journeys: Culture Contest Rules

How to Enter
Write a poem, song or short story or create a work of art that explains why your past is important to you, and what statement that makes about the importance of the past in general.

Entries will be accepted until March 31, 1998. Three winning entries will be selected. Entries will not be returned.

Contest Winners and Prizes
By April 30, 1998, the three winning entries will be selected. Each winner will receive a Travel Pack from Alaska with gear that includes a t-shirt, CD-ROM and book. The names of the winners, along with their entries, will be posted on the "Arctic Journeys" web site by April 30, 1998.

This contest is open to all student Internet users. Individuals who are family or household members of PBS employees, PBS member stations, the National Park Service or The Weather Channel are not eligible to win. Compliance with the eligibility requirements will be determined by PBS.


No entry fee is required. Execution of the Arctic Journeys Culture Contest is under the supervision of the PBS Teacher Resource Service, whose decision in all matters relating to the contest is final. By participating, the entrant agrees to the terms of these Official Rules and accepts the decisions of the PBS Teacher Resource Service as final.

Culture Contest
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