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Beyond Brown: Pursuing the Promise Image Strip of Linda Brown walking to school, girl taking test at desk, Nettie Hunt and daughter with newspaper headline on steps of Supreme Court, present day children raising hands, children at computers
Long Road to Brown
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Firelight Media is an award-winning New York City-based independent 501(c)(3) non-profit production company dedicated to telling stories of people, places, cultures and issues that are underrepresented in the mainstream media. Our goal is to use media to spur the discussion and action that will contribute to the struggle for social justice. Firelight produces media in a variety of formats, including film, video, CD-ROM, DVD and on the Internet.

Most Firelight productions are created for national broadcast on PBS. We also produce videos and new media tools for non-governmental organizations' use in advocacy, education, and development.

For information on our other films, including A Place of Our Own and The Murder of Emmett Till, visit

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