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How should public schools be paid for?

Rosen Family packs boxes to move The Rosen family is fleeing New York City for the suburbs in search of quality schools. With test scores in City public schools falling and class size growing, the Rosens have joined the exodus of families, mostly white, who opt out of the public school system by either moving or paying for private school.

Maria Cabral and her daughter The Cabral family doesn't have the option. Like many of the city's Latino and African American families, they have no choice but to rely on the public school system. Cabral's children attend PS 173 in Washington Heights — a crumbling school that is overcrowded, with few certified teachers and fewer educational resources like books and computers. The Rosen children will attend Hastings Middle School in Westchester County where the library books outnumber the students and computers are state-of-the-art.

Protesting for improvements at schools Like most states, New York funds schools with property taxes. Inevitably, this leads to inequities among poor and affluent jurisdictions: the higher the property values, the better the schools. Poor and minority parents fought against this growing disparity and won a court order mandating New York to figure out the cost of providing every child with a “sound basic education.”

Maria Cabral and other parents like her can only hope that the state makes good on the court's promise — and that changes are made in time to benefit their children.

For more information on the lawsuit charging New York State with failing to sufficiently fund education, visit the Campaign for Fiscal Equity at

For another view, arguing that meeting the Court mandate would require raising taxes, visit:

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