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Soul of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Soul Poll

What gives your Thanksgiving Dinner a little soul? 

Some families fry their turkey while others prefer it roasted after a long bath in brine. Some families skip the bird altogether and opt for baked ham, chicken, prime rib, or for vegetarians, a delicious creation from seasonal vegetables like the enticing whole stuffed pumpkin.

While these may be the centerpiece of the dinner table, they are in no way enjoyed at their best without various accompaniments: cranberry sauce to balance the palette with its tart sweetness; fluffy stuffing to compliment the protein with more savory flavors; homemade cornbread, and collard greens to add a delicious Southern flair (not to mention the health benefits); deluxe mac 'n cheese for creamy decadence and comfort; and groumet-ified grits for a tasty, gluten-free twist on the traditional. And no matter how much you stuff yourself with these delights, there is always room for that slice (or two, or three) of sweet potato pie.

Of course, Thanksgiving is not just about the Food; it is a time when we get together with friends and family to celebrate and reflect on everything we are thankful for through our unique heritage and traditions. Many do this by stuffing, brining, baking, sifting, and sautéing their way to one of the biggest meals of the year with their dearest loved ones. This sharing and celebration of gratitude by cooking with love (and eating with gusto) is the essence of soul food.

So tell us, what will add the soul to your Thanksgiving Dinner this year?  Let us know below.  And check out our Soul of Thanksgiving pollto see some of the most popular foods making their way to tables this year. Vote for your favorite!

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