1. Who was the first African-American to become a millionaire as a newspaper publisher ?
A) William Randolph Hearst
B) T. Thomas Fortune
C) Robert Abbott
D) Ida B. Wells

2. How many black newspapers were published between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the century ?

A) 10
B) 500
C) 1000
D) 10,000

3. Who ran for national office as a Vice-Presidential candidate on the Progressive party ticket in 1952?
A)Charlotta Bass
B) Booker T. Washington
C) Frederick Douglass
D) James Neimore

4. When was Freedom's Journal, the first black newspaper founded ?
A) 1762
B) 1827
C) 1913
D) 1934

5. Who was instrumental in distributing the Chicago Defender through the South ?
A) Newstands
B) Pullman Porters
C) Black Entertainers
D) All of the Above

6. According to historian Jane Rhodes, what female journalist set the stage for a vociferous type of journalism?
A) Mary Ann Shadd Cary
B) Gertrude Mossell
C) Josephine Ruffin
D) Ida B. Wells

7. What film caused black newspapers to respond with scathing condemnation in the early 20th century because of its hideous caricature of African Americans and celebration of Ku Klux Klan violence?
A) Gone With the Wind
B) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
C) Birth of a Nation
D) Porgy and Bess

8. What did the Double V campaign stand for ?
A) Victory abroad and Victory at home for African-Americans during WWII
B) Double Victory for Joe Louis in his next two fights
C) Peace between the North and South making a double victory
D) Touchdown in flag football

9. Who published the North Star ?
A) William Monroe Trotter
B) Charlotta Bass
C) Frederick Douglass
D) Marvel Cooke

10. Who was the black messman responsible for sinking four enemy planes at Pearl Harbor and hence becoming a war hero?
A) Dorie Miller
B) Benjamin Davis
C) Ralphe Bunche
D) Robert Vann