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Health and Hunches:
Finding Another Path to Healing

Among the definitions found in the dictionary for the meaning of intuition is this: The act or faculty of knowing without the use of rational processes. While most of us would expect any diagnosis given to us by our physician to be nothing but the consequence of a rational process, what would you think if a complete stranger known only to you by name and as something called a medical intuitive reached the same conclusion as your doctor?

Ann-Marie Almeida is in charge of special projects at the public library in Camden, Maine. Her doctor discovered a large fibroid tumor next to her uterus in 1995 and advised her to have it surgically removed. She resisted because of her experience five years earlier with a similar though smaller tumor that had gone away on its own.

She had heard of Mona Lisa Schulz and, determined to avoid surgery, Ann-Marie persisted through a number of cancelled appointments before she finally connected with Schulz for an intuitive reading over the telephone in February 1998. Schulz makes it clear prior to each consultation that as a medical intuitive she is not treating or diagnosing her clients as a physician.

"I made the appointment and they send me the paperwork, and then I say to myself, I'm nuts, I'm not going to do this. First of all it's $100, and I think, I don't think so. And then secondly, I think, a person is going to tell me how I am over the phone? Oh, right! When we spoke on the phone, I gave her my name and age. That was all," said Ann-Marie.

"Given someone's name and their age," says Mona Lisa Schulz, "I can, in my mind's eye, see specific situations that are going on in their emotional life, be it a situation with their relationship, a specific situation at work and so on. And then I can see it through the body, their head, heart, left breast, right breast, gastro-intestinal tract, pelvic, and in their skeletal system. I can see in what area they are experiencing symptoms, I can describe the symptoms, and then I can relate what specific symptoms are going on in their physical body with what's going on in their emotional life. At the end [of the consultation] I say, 'Does this make sense?'"

"She scans you emotionally and spiritually and then physically going through all different cells and organs," said Ann-Marie. And then she found my fibroid in its exact location, and then she continued to say the same thing as my doctors had told me that it was compromising these different organs. She doesn't know if she's being accurate until the end of the conversation when she says, 'Do you have any questions, does any of this have any meaning or import to you?' And in that last 60 seconds, you say, this was so amazing."

"What struck me most about Mona Lisa was her integrity. She didn't mince words; she was painfully honest. It's clear that her mission is to help people by giving them some important information. At the end, I was in tears because she had described me so accurately. She gave me a new way of understanding myself especially my emotional life, that I hadn't had before."

In July 1998 a few months after her consultation with Mona Lisa Schulz, Ann-Marie had an 8-pound fibroid tumor removed from her abdomen.One day later she celebrated her fortieth birthday.

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