The Boomer Century: 1946-2046
10 Thing You May Not Know about Boomers Today


No. 1

The number of baby boomers in America is estimated at 78.2 million.

Black and White photo of new born babies in hospital nursery
No. 2

Approximately 7,918 Americans turn 60 each day. That’s about 330 every hour or more than four million a year in 2006.

No. 3

Within 20 years, the age profile of America will match that of Florida – about one in five Americans will be older than 65.

No. 4

Boomers who reach age 65 in 2011 can expect to live, on average, at least another 18 years.

No. 5

Four out of 10 boomers have less than $10,000 in retirement savings.

No. 6

One-third of boomer households today have at least $100,00 in investable assets.

No. 7

About one-third of baby boomers think they will have enough money to live comfortably once they retire.

No. 8

Four out of five boomers intend to keep working and earning in retirement. Half of boomers plan to launch into an entirely new job or career in retirement.

No. 9

Only one in seven baby boomers say they plan to collect Social Security benefits at age 62.

No. 10

The unpredictable cost of illness and healthcare is by far boomers' biggest fear. They are three times more worried about a major illness (48%), their ability to pay for healthcare (53%) or winding up in a nursing home (48%), than about dying (17%). 

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