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BreakThrough's advisors have played an integral role in the project's development, helping Blackside identify featured scientists, develop program themes, locate exemplary science education programs, review design documents, and refine evaluation and dissemination plans.

Series Production Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Alcoze, Associate Professor of Science Education, Center for Excellence in Education, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Chair, Biometrics Unit, Cornell University

Dr. Bert Fraser-Reid, James B. Duke Professor of Chemistry (Retired), Duke University

Dr. Diana Garcia-Prichard, Senior Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company

Dr. Judy Gobert, American Minority Program Manager, Salish Kootenai College

Dr. Frank Gomez, Department of Chemistry, California State University, Los Angeles

Dr. Juan Gonzalez Lagoa, Professor of Marine Biology, University of Puerto Rico

Dr. Evelynn Hammonds, Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Carlos Handy, Associate Professor of Physics and Co-Director, Center of Excellence for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, Clark Atlanta University

Dr. William A. Lester, Jr., Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Sandra Murray, Associate Professor of Biology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Dr. Clifton Poodry, Director, Division of Minority Opportunities and Research, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Eloy Rodriguez, James A. Perkin Professor of Environmental Biology, Cornell University

Dr. Kennedy Reed, Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Eugene Savoye, Leader of Microelectronics Group, Lincoln Laboratories, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Michael Spencer, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director, Materials Science Research Center of Excellence, Howard University

Dr. Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, Northwestern University

Mr. James E. West, Bell Labs Fellow, Bell Laboratories

Dr. James Wyche, Associate Professor, Brown University

Education & Outreach Advisory Board

Ms. Cathy Abeita, Director, PreCollege Programs, American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

Mr. Goery Delacote, Executive Director, The Exploratorium

Mr. Ismael Diaz, Director, PreCollege Programs, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. (NACME)

Mr. Fred Easter, Former Executive Director, Mathematics-Engineering-Science Achievement (MESA)

Mr. Paul M. Fontaine, Director, Public and School Programs, Boston Museum of Science

Dr. Antonio A. Garcia, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Bioengineering and Operational Director, Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees (CIMD), Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University

Dr. Diana Garcia-Prichard, Senior Researcher, Eastman Kodak Company

Dr. Yolanda S. George, Deputy Director, Education and Human Resource Programs, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Ms. Dawn Anita Johnson, Doctor of Pharmacy candidate, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Dr. Shirley McBay, President, Quality Education for Minorities Network

Dr. Irvin W. Osborne-Lee, Leader, Pollution Prevention and Systems Analysis Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Dr. Clifton Poodry, Director, Division of Minority Opportunities and Research, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Ms. Dolores Sandling, Former Vice President for Education, Houston Audubon Society

Mr. Mark Thomas, Senior Project Engineer, CAD/CAM Development Group, General Motors Corporation

Dr. Rob Traver, Associate Director, Teacher Education Addressing Mathematics and Science in Boston and Cambridge (TEAMS-BC), and Lecturer on Education, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Mr. Guy Vickers, Executive Director, Southeastern Consortium for Minorities in Engineering (SECME)

Ms. Ellen Wahl, Senior Scientist, Center for Children and Technology, Education Development Center (EDC)

Ms. Sylvia Ware, Director, Education Division, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Mr. James E. West, Bell Labs Fellow, Bell Laboratories

Dr. Edmonia Yates, Project Coordinator, Baltimore Urban Systemic Initiative (BUSI)

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