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Educational Materials

Activity Guide/Poster
The BreakThrough activity guide contains program descriptions, suggestions for use by educators, pre-viewing and post-viewing questions, and discussion and activity ideas that help place the biographical profiles of scientists into a relevant context. A printed version of this guide was distributed by Scholastic Publishing in the March 22 issue of Science World. Blackside has also mailed out guides to middle and secondary school science teachers and through our fifty partnering organizations. A limited number of posters will be given away to people who become members of BreakThrough Online.

Media Directory
It is important for all of us to recognize the diversity of the science community. And it is particularly important for students of color to see that people who look like them work as scientists and engineers. To encourage higher visibility of these professionals in the popular media, Blackside has prepared a directory of over one hundred African-American, Latino and Native-American scientists and engineers. This directory is being distributed to major media outlets. Science writers, producers, editors and other media professionals interested in obtaining a copy should write to Blackside, Inc., 486 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA 02118, or send email to:

Science Career Navigation Kits
Condensed, career-specific versions of the BreakThrough series will be available starting in September for use in middle school classrooms. The first kit, sponsored by the Intel Foundation will contain excerpts from the series relating to computers and mathematics, and will also contain two illustrated academic calendars, a resource booklet, two inspirational posters, an activity guide and information to help educators and students use the evolving BreakThrough Online resource. Corporations and professional organizations are invited to sponsor the distribution of additional kits featuring careers in biology, physics, environmental science, and engineering. The targeted classroom distribution provides a direct link between employees and local schools and encourages mentoring and community involvement. Educators interested in receiving a Career Navigation Kit should write to Blackside, Inc., on their institutional stationary.

BreakThrough - the Six-Hour Video Series
The BreakThrough television series is available for use in educational institutions through PBS Video (call 1-800-328-PBS1). The cost is $49.95 per episode and $250 for the series.

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