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National Partnerships


Blackside and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have worked together to form BreakThrough outreach coalitions in 20 cities across the country. Local churches, community-based organizations, universities, public libraries, school systems, and science museums hosted premiere events and developed dissemination activities around the series and the educational campaign.

Public Television Stations

With mini-grants from Blackside, nine public television have compiled information on informal science and university programs, scholarships, and mentoring organizations in their area. Stations have also been central to the success of BreakThrough's local outreach efforts by disseminating print material and participating in a variety of local promotional activities.

Hispanic Radio Series

The Hispanic Radio Network and The Self Reliance Foundation, in cooperation with Blackside, produced a sixteen-part radio series featuring personal interviews, in Spanish, with BreakThrough's Latino scientists. The series aired nationally and throughout Puerto Rico April 1, 1996. For more information, contact the Hispanic Radio Network.

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