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The Path of Most Resistance

Writing the history of the Milky Way...Catching light from a long-dead star...Building new tools to design tomorrow's technology...Solving theoretical puzzles that baffled Einstein. In their search to understand the forces that govern space and time, physicists of color are extending humanity's knowledge and imagination.

An Atmosphere of Change
From the shores of San Francisco Bay to the Mohawk reservations of upstate New York to the ozone layer that blankets the entire world, environmental trauma is everywhere. Scientists of color are tackling these hazards that threaten the health and safety of their communities and of the earth. They're also showing a younger generation how to combine research with adventure.

With Nerve and Muscle
The cell is the basic building block of life - and sometimes the cauldron of death. Although some of its deepest secrets remain out of reach, scientists are now decoding many of the communication systems that regulate the life of a cell. The process is fascinating pure research; the result is often an advance in the war against disease.

Engineering from the Inside Out
Creating new materials that keep America technologically competitive. Building bridges and power sources people can rely on. Even designing amusement park rides that thrill and terrify. From Disneyland to the Navajo reservation in New Mexico to Howard University in Washington, DC, engineers of color are helping to reshape and enhance the material culture.

Science and the American Dream
Sometimes people can do good by doing well. Whether it's designing an improved engine or delivering interactive video services, new businesses generate profits for their owners and jobs for their communities. From an Inupiat village in the Arctic Circle to the barrios of Houston, scientists and engineers are taking on the risks - and reaping the rewards - of entrepreneurship.

A Delicate Balance
At the intersection of mathematics and computer science is an area of hectic creativity. Scientists of color are making significant contributions to both basic and applied research, striving for tenure and for recognition in the highly competitive arenas of mathematics and computer science and still eking out time to recruit and mentor students who may follow their footsteps.

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