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Featured Scientists

The Path of Most Resistance

George Castro, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
International Business Machines (IBM)

France Cordova, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

S. James Gates, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
University of Maryland, College Park

Neil Tyson, Ph.D.
Research Staff
Department of Astrophysics, Princeton University

An Atmosphere of Change

Karen Medville
Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Toxicology
Cornell University

Keith Miles, Ph.D.
National Biological Service
United States Department of the Interior

Mario Molina, Ph.D.
Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Recipient of the 1995 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

With Nerve and Muscle

Wilfred Denetclaw, Jr., Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Anatomy and Cardiovascular Research Institute
University of California, San Francisco

Gladys Escalona de Motta, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean
College of Natural Sciences
University of Puerto Rico

George Langford, Ph.D.
E.E. Just Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth College

Engineering from the Inside Out

Victoria Aguilera
Mechanical Engineer
Ride Mechanical Engineering
Walt Disney Imagineering

Steve Grey
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory field office
Navajo Community College

Hector Medina
Program Manager
Concrete Segmental Bridges
Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.

Michael Spencer, Ph.D.
Director, Materials Science Research Center of Excellence
and Professor of Electrical Engineering, Howard University

Science and the American Dream

Donna Auguste
Senior Director of Applied Research and Multimedia
US West

Israel Galvan
Engineer and President
GHG Corporation

Richard Glenn
Geologist and General Manager
Barrow Technical Services

A Delicate Balance

Freda Porter-Locklear, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Pembroke State University
Currently completing post-doctoral work at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Richard Tapia, Ph.D.
Noah Harding Professor of Mathematical Sciences
Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics
Rice University

Valerie Taylor, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Engineering/Computer Science
Northwestern University

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