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Nurse Cynthia Miller, like Trixie, is also a resident at Nonnatus House when Jenny appears. Caring, stoical, and intelligent, she finds her midwifery work both challenging and rewarding, a highly desirable alternative to the dull domesticity that would otherwise be her only option. Quiet and sensitive, and also in her early twenties, Cynthia becomes Jenny’s confidante and life-long friend.

Cynthia is played by Bryony Hannah.


Bryony Hannah Q+A

How did it feel getting back into the uniform again?

I quite enjoy wearing the uniform. It immediately gets you back into character and reminds you of the etiquette of the era. Wearing the grey tights in the height of summer was challenging, but I'm a big fan of the red cardigan whatever the weather.

How was it seeing the rest of the cast again? 

We have all become great friends. It's lovely seeing how people have grown from the last series and great to have pals to share special moments with.

What are your favorite places to film on set?

I love filming outside. The camera is normally set up further away so you can really get lost in the world of your character. In episode 2 I did a lot of cycling and enjoyed playing the scene where Jenny finds Cynthia in the street. We are old friends in real life so it felt particularly special.

What are your favorite scenes to film?

Scenes with the girls in the kitchen or bedrooms are my favorite to film. Its fun to show a more relaxed off-duty side of Cynthia, and it's always a warm intimate atmosphere. Big table scenes with the nuns are fun too, but not straight after lunch!

Do you have good camaraderie on set?

Yes we all look after each other on set. And our makeup and costume teams are wonderful for morale too. Every now and again someone unexpected will mention a scene they enjoyed and it really gives you a boost on a long job.

What is different about this season compared to the first?

I think this season is even more ambitious than the first. You get to know each character a little better and follow some quite challenging storylines. 

What is Cynthia’s involvement in the Holiday Special? 

In the Christmas special Cynthia discovers a baby on the doorstep of Nonnatus House. She helps care for him and also gets involved with making costumes for the Nativity Play.

How has Cynthia changed since Season 1?

I think Cynthia will always take things very much to heart but she gradually finds her voice through series 2. She is still very close to Jenny but manages to give her some tough advice when needed. By spending time with Trixie I think she has also learnt to let her hair down now and again amongst friends.

What is Cynthia’s journey this season?

Cynthia learns to overcome her deepest feelings of self-doubt with the help of her friends at Nonnatus House. She also learns to stand up to bullies and express her opinions. Gradually she is growing up and trying to find her place in the world.

Have you learnt any new skills from CTM?

I learnt how to do a cycle stunt for Episode 2, which was quite scary. And I also learnt how to prep a needle for an injection, although I won't be putting that skill to the test anytime soon!


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