Sister Evangelina

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Sister Evangelina is the only one of the sisters who comes from the same tough, uncompromising background as the community they serve. Physically vigorous, she has a robust sense of humor. Her energy and drive make her extraordinarily effective at her job. However, her blunt speech often offends many of her colleagues. She has a particularly contentious relationship with the aristocratic Sister Monica Joan, who often provokes her to breaking point. 

Sister Evangelina is played by Pam Ferris

Q+A with Pam Ferris

How much pressure do you feel to keep true to the character she is based on now its second season?
I feel a huge loyalty to the real Sister Evangelina – but making drama is a team effort – many people are involved in decision making. I can only try to be true to my idea of her in every scene, and hope that the whole adds up to a portrait of a truly amazing woman.

What is the relationship like between Sister Evangelina and the other nuns?
In Sister Evangelina’s eyes a midwife or nun is only as good as the service they give their patients. Her standards are high, and she’s quick to comment if someone falls below them. This might breed respect- but possibly not affection.

Do we see Sister Evangelina interact with any new characters?
Jane joins the regulars at Nonnatus House. She and Sister Evangelina are polar opposites. Sister E hardly notices that quiet, shy Jane exists! I love it when the sisters are joined by men at the table – there’s a subtle excitement about the nuns that makes them behave like teenagers. What is different about this season compared to the first? I think it is both darker and funnier in places.

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