Trixie Franklin


First Appeared: Season 1
Played by: Helen George

Nurse Trixie Franklin is a bright, glamorous girl in her late twenties.

All fully-fashioned nylons and lush red lipstick, Trixie loves jazz and dancing, smokes Sobranie cigarettes and, it’s fair to say, is a bit of a flirt. She has a much more outgoing disposition than Jenny, but the two share the sense of adventure in their work and become firm pals.

Helen George who plays Trixie Franklin says about her character: “She’s the fun loving, party going midwife who’s always up for a drink and a fag and to go out with the boys and have a good dance. She relishes trying to set up her fellow midwives with other guys and push them into relationships and get them married off but with a twinkle in her eye. Fundamentally though she’s a midwife and that’s what she’s there to do.”

Season 4 Q+A with Helen George

How does it feel to be back for Season 4?

I’m still excited about being on the show and am more confident in the part. I know Trixie inside out and back to front and I definitely feel more comfortable with the technicalities of filming a birth scene. I really enjoy the mechanics of those scenes and making sure I get it right for the camera. Above all, we have a brilliant crew, a great cast and a great production team. We’re all mates who have a laugh together so it’s been a fun year to work on this show.  

What happens to your character over this series?

She’s really finding herself this year but it’s been quite challenging as Trixie has had some tough storylines. But she has been seeing the vicar – he’s known as ‘hot prison vicar’ on set – so now it’s a test to see whether it will go further or not.  We get to look behind Trixie’s smile in this series and find out what makes her who is she is; why she wants to help people and has a need to be needed.

What changes have there been over the last few years?

As time has progressed there has been a change and shift in the confidence of the younger women at Nonnatus House. They have found their feet and are starting new classes for mothers and trying to advance things medically. We’re quite progressive and look at working mothers, exploring how women can have a baby and a career which is still relevant today.    

Do you enjoy the music from the show?

I really do love the music from the period as I grew up on jazz. We had some Ella Fitzgerald tracks last year which was wonderful, there is such an emotional context to the music in the show. Nothing has really changed in Nonnatus House except that the eyeliner has got thicker and there’s a bit more backcombing but the 60s music outside is really evolving and it will be interesting to follow that through. I’d love to hear more Elvis – he could be a future boyfriend for Trixie.

Trixie seems to get the best costumes, do you enjoy that?

I’m spoilt because I get to wear some really lovely dresses. There’s a lovely collection and we spend a lot of time going through them all. Trixie has always got lovely coats and really thinks through her outfits because she wants to be someone different every night. She’ll dress like Doris Day on one occasion and Marilyn on another or even a bit more beatnik with a polo neck. There’s always another role that she’s trying to play but we’re not quite into the 60s yet so no miniskirts or leg on show like Twiggy.

Can we expect any new hairstyles from Trixie this season?

This year she wants her curls back. She’s more feminine with really strong looks. I’ve been growing my hair from the short pixie cut but using period styles is quite hard. I was keen to get some backcombing this year. I met with Stella, our hair designer, regularly to talk about the options of wigs or extensions but we decided I would grow it out naturally over the year which is a lengthy process. 

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