Season 2 | Episode 3

Premiere: April 14, 2013 | Rebroadcast: June 30, 2013
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Jenny is assigned to a short-staffed London Hospital to work on the male surgical ward.  Hesitant about her temporary assignment, she becomes increasingly uneasy when she finds herself working under an intimidating surgeon. Back in Poplar, Jane, a new addition to the household, lends a hand in Jenny’s absence.

In one of their most unusual cases, the nuns and midwives meet a forthright pair of identical twins, one of whom is pregnant. As the two come to terms with the impact a baby will have on each of them, Jenny unexpectedly helps to save the life of an old friend. 

Jessica Raine shares her experiences filming the London Hospital scenes and her costume.

Episode 3 Photos


Image - Ep3_Uniform.jpg

In Episode 3, Jenny Lee is assigned to nursing duties at the London Hospital, and is given a "practically haute couture" uniform.

Image - Ep3_Jane.jpg

Newcomer Jane (played by Dorothy Atkinson) lends a hand in Jenny’s absence.

Image - Ep3_Twin.jpg

Meg Carter (played by Monica Dolan) at the clinic.

Image - Ep3_Hospital.jpg

Surgeon Aubrey Tracey (played by Anthony Calf) and Jenny.


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