Season 3 | Episode 6

Trixie is disappointed by Tom, Shelagh weighs adoption and Patsy struggles on the job.

Premiered May 4, 2014 | Check Local Listings

Tom, the local curate, asks Trixie to join him for a day of cricket. She happily accepts, but their date is disastrous and she’s left feeling disappointed. Shelagh decides to talk to Dr. Turner about adopting a baby. Patsy struggles to adapt to the unpredictable and chaotic working life that midwifery brings. When she upsets a young mother in the clinic, she’s taken off midwifery and put on to the district rota. In the course of her work, she forms a bond with a docker and works tirelessly to find a diagnosis for his unusual symptoms.

Episode 6

Learn more about Jennifer Worth's memoir, the inspiration for the Call the Midwife series.

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