Terrell Cannon
Home Care Associates

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Interviewed by Lynn Adler and Jim Mayer
Producers of Faith, Hope and Capital

Before she came to Home Care Associates, Terrell Cannon was a tough welfare mom who intimidated her neighbors in the Philadelphia projects. Now, she's on the board of directors of this worker-owned company.

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LA: Before you came here, what were you doing?

TC: Before I came to Home Care Associates I was on welfare, sitting home watching stories with my two children at the time. Sitting home watching TV pretty much doing nothing. Just sitting there. Before that it was kind of hard because I was living in the projects. It was kind of hard for me because it was a lot of violence and I was into the roughness. That was pretty much me before Home Care Associates.

LA: You were into the racket.

TC: I was in fights a lot. I argued a lot. I never dealt with drugs or anything, so that wasn't my thing. I was just a little violent towards people, towards my gender, my age group. People would walk past me, look at me, and I would jump on them, "What are you lookin' at?" So, that was me before Home Care Associates.

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