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How Do You Celebrate July 4th?

Many Fourth of July customs have not changed since our earliest celebrations. But some communities across the nation have developed their own traditions. For example:

  • Celebrants in Seward, Alaska, take part in a six-mile foot race to the top of Mount Marathon and back. Further north in Kotzebue, Alaska, traditional Inuit contests are held.
  • Since 1818, the citizens of Lititz, Pennsylvania, have spent their winters making thousands of candles so that the children of the town can light them during a special "Festival of Candles" on the night of July 4.
  • On the morning of July 4, the community of Tecumseh, Nebraska, raises more than 200 flags around the courthouse as a way of remembering those who have served in our country's armed forces. Each flagpole bears the name of a man or woman from Tecumseh who has served in the United States military.
  • On July 4 1976, major celebrations throughout the country marked America's 200th birthday. In Washington, D.C., 33 tons of fireworks were exploded in the sky above the Washington Monument, along with laser beams that spelled out "1776-1976, Happy Birthday, USA." In New York, a succession of tall sailing ships from all over the world sailed up the Hudson River.

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