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The Livelyhood Cafe - A Moderated Viewer Discussion

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Do web/technology workers who want to work an eight-hour day need to find a new career? Or can the pioneering spirit of the new economy co-exist with family/work balance?

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     Sun Oct 13 16:30:58 2002

steve     Tue Mar 13 18:52:03 2001

zgreen     Fri Dec 1 09:14:04 2000
i think more companies are willing to work with prospective qualified applicants. If you have the skills for the job and you can only work 8 hours a day then why not hire them? What is a single parent to do? If the organization won't comprimise then look somewhere else where they need your talents.

Carol      Wed Oct 11 16:01:12 2000
After seeing your program on PBS, I felt compelled to say thank you. Thank you, for being there. Thank you, for caring about working people. Thanks for reaching out in a way we can all understand. It appears to me that the world is roughly divided up into two categories: the people that own the earth and the people that owe the earth. You have cast your lot with those that owe in order to help make this life more palitable. After all the chips have been divided up you have shown a little respect can go a long way. Thank you

Scott Ashley     Tue Oct 10 22:29:19 2000
I work a full time day job wed. thru sat. and mon., a part time night job 10:30p to 2:30a m. thru f., go to school part time. My night job is at UPS where the culture clock seams to have stopped in the dark ages; no concept of the kind of forward thinking aired on your 10/08 broadcast. My day job is an entreprenurial fmily business that provides no health or retirement benefits. I'm going to school to try and advance myself out of this muck ( my bachelor degree in music from DePaul hasn't done the trick). P.S. My wife left me 5 months ago ( seams she couldn't take it any more...who can blame her?) so I also have child care stuff to do by myself that previously we shared. What century is this?!!!

     Mon Oct 9 19:10:44 2000
i want to know how to look at these

Susan     Fri Oct 6 22:57:00 2000
I have to agree with Will's closing statements. It's hard work for me and my colleagues, but the answer is the same. We so dig our jobs. Yes, we do put in horrid hours, but the work we do is challenging, educational, motivating and lucky us, it makes a difference in the world. I work for a foundation that gives opportunities to world peace through thought, education and discussion. I'm fortunate that there is downtime from the crazy 70+ hours week and that my family is supportive. To reiterate, I dig my job, I am more than willing to give those hours for the results we produce.

workin man     Thu Sep 28 15:45:48 2000
One can absolutely have it all - work in the trenches of the digital revolution AND have great home life. Because a small number of geeks find their bliss by writing code 20 hours a day, that's no reason to allow our work culture be driven by that freakish zeal. Does it result in insanely great products? Somtimes. Does it result in excellent, sustainable companies? Given the large number of tech failures, I would have to say no. Succumbing to the hype of "internet time" and "racing to the IPO" is pretty close to signing up to be cannon fodder. It really isn't all about the code or about the IPO. It should be about building excellent companies with long term growth. It is a marathon not a sprint.