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Fatal Flood

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Online Poll

Do you think LeRoy Percy's act of betrayal at the time of the flood negates all the good he did for Greenville, and for the African American community there?

<BR> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/mwt/sfeature/images/text_yes.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="60" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/mwt/sfeature/images/text_no.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="39" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> </TABLE>
Yes Yes: 60%
No No: 39%

If you found yourself in the circumstances of the 1927 disaster, with your home filled with ten feet of water, and with floodwaters extending for 45 miles in all directions, would you try to stay in the area, or would you leave, knowing it might be a permanent departure?

<BR> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/mwt/sfeature/images/text_yes.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="72" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/mwt/sfeature/images/text_no.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="27" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> </TABLE>
Yes Yes: 72%
No No: 27%

Total number of poll participants: 238

Of the participants polled thus far, 132 watched at least half of the film; of those, 96 said the film influenced their vote.

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