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Scottsboro: An American Tragedy

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Online Poll

Given the physical evidence that supported the Scottsboro defendants' innocence, and taking into account the prejudices that local juries brought to the case, do you think a Southern lawyer should have been hired sooner, and could have been more successful than controversial New York trial lawyer Samuel Leibowitz in the second trial?

<BR> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/scottsboro/sfeature/images/text_yes.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="71" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/scottsboro/sfeature/images/text_no.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="28" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> </TABLE>
Yes Yes: 71%
No No: 28%

Do you think the defendants would have had a better chance if their defense had been funded by the NAACP, rather than the I.L.D.?

<BR> <TABLE BORDER="0" CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0"> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/scottsboro/sfeature/images/text_yes.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="64" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> <TR><TD><IMG SRC="/wgbh/amex/scottsboro/sfeature/images/text_no.gif" HEIGHT="20" WIDTH="35" ALIGN="LEFT" ALT=""></TD></TR> </TABLE>
Yes Yes: 64%
No No: 35%

Total number of poll participants: 10971

Of the participants polled thus far, 4785 watched at least half of the film; of those, 2959 said the film influenced their vote.

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