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    Cast Iron Bird Gate Weight, ca, 1900
    Tags: Animal, Sculpture, Sign, Cast, Iron, 19th, Century
    Episode: Wild Things, Season 9 Appraiser: Ken Farmer, Decorative Arts Value: $600-$800
    Late 19th C. Tin Coca-Cola Sign
    Tags: Advertisement, Sign, Tin, 19th, Century
    Episode: Kansas City, Season 7 Appraiser: Daniel Buck Soules, Collectibles Value: $5,000-$7,000
    Early 20th-Century Iron & Tin Rooster Trade Sign
    Tags: Sign, Tin, Iron, 20th, Century
    Episode: Hot Springs, Season 7 Appraiser: Ken Farmer, Folk Art Value: $10,000-$15,000
    Cigar Trade Sign, ca. 1890
    Tags: Sign, Wood, 19th, Century
    Episode: Atlanta, Season 2 Appraiser: Stephen Fletcher, Folk Art Value: $1,500-$2,500
    German POW Folk Art Signs, ca. 1944
    Tags: Sign, Wood, Paint, 20th, Century, Second, World, War, (WWII)
    Episode: Boston, Season 17 Appraiser: Gary Piattoni, Arms & Militaria Value: $3,000
    1994 "Forrest Gump" Prop Signs
    Tags: Sign, Movie, Memorabilia, Wood, Paint, 20th, Century
    Episode: Myrtle Beach, Season 17 Appraiser: Kathleen Guzman, Collectibles Value: $3,000-$5,000
    Fish Trade Sign, ca. 1855
    Tags: Sign, Wood, Iron, Metal, 19th, Century
    Episode: Minneapolis, Season 16 Appraiser: Stephen Fletcher, Folk Art Value: $10,000-$15,000
    Reverse Painted Glass Whiskey Sign, ca. 1890
    Tags: Advertisement, Sign, Glass, Paint, 19th, Century
    Episode: Junk in the Trunk 2, Season 16 Appraiser: Philip Weiss, Collectibles Value: $3,000-$5,000
    Frazer Axle Grease Self-framed Advertising Sign, ca. 1900
    Tags: Advertisement, Sign, Wood, Metal, 19th, Century, 20th, Century
    Episode: Billings, Season 15 Appraiser: Mark Moran, Collectibles Value: $4,000-$5,000
    "Honey Fitz" Presidential Yacht Desk & Sign
    Tags: Sign, Desk, Wood, 20th, Century
    Episode: Biloxi, Season 15 Appraiser: J. Michael Flanigan, Furniture Value: $5,300
    The American Bank Protection Co. Vault Protector & Sign, ca. 1902
    Tags: Sign, Metal, Glass, Oak, 20th, Century
    Episode: Wichita, Season 13 Appraiser: Grant Rine, Science & Technology Value: $4,000
    1910 De Laval Self-framed Tin Sign
    Tags: Sign, Tin, 20th, Century
    Episode: Milwaukee, Season 11 Appraiser: Rudy Franchi, Collectibles Value: $3,500-$4,000

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