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    Your search for lower 3200, upper 3500 returned 24 results.

    19th-Century Viennese Wall Clock
    Tags: Wall, Clock, Wood, 19th, Century
    Episode: San Francisco, Season 8 Appraiser: Gordon Converse, None Listed Value: $3,500
    Rudall, Rose & Carte Flute, ca. 1858
    Tags: Flute, Wood, Silver, 19th, Century
    Episode: Savannah, Season 8 Appraiser: Frederick Oster, Musical Instruments Value: $3,500
    Ross's "Voyage of Discovery, " 1819
    Tags: Book, Paper, 19th, Century
    Episode: Seattle, Season 7 Appraiser: Ken Gloss, Books & Manuscripts Value: $3,500
    Shelf Clock by C.&N. Jerome
    Tags: Shelf, Clock, Wood, Glass, 19th, Century
    Episode: Hot Springs, Season 7 Appraiser: Gordon Converse, None Listed Value: $3,500
    Pyrography Plant Stand & Table
    Tags: Table, Wood, 19th, Century
    Episode: Columbus, Season 4 Appraiser: Leigh Keno, Furniture Value: $3,200
    Kuba Rug, ca. 1880
    Tags: Rug, 19th, Century
    Episode: Louisville, Season 3 Appraiser: Elisabeth Poole Parker, Rugs & Textiles Value: $3,500
    Jardinière on Pedestal, ca. 1890
    Episode: Bismarck, Season 19 Appraiser: Nicholas Dawes, Pottery & Porcelain Value: $3,500
    Steiff Bear, ca. 1950
    Episode: Birmingham, Season 19 Appraiser: Noel Barrett, Toys & Games Value: $3,500
    J.D. Kestner Baby Doll, ca. 1910
    Episode: Santa Clara, Season 19 Appraiser: Floyd Jones, Dolls Value: $3,200-$3,500
    20th-Century German Silver Hanukkah Menorah
    Episode: Santa Clara, Season 19 Appraiser: Kerry Shrives, Metalwork & Sculpture Value: $3,500
    Mardi Gras Jewelry Suite, ca. 1920
    Tags: Bracelet, Glass, Brass, 20th, Century
    Episode: Baton Rouge, Season 18 Appraiser: Rosalie Sayyah, Jewelry Value: $3,300-$3,400
    1848 Mitchell's Universal Atlas
    Tags: Atlas, Paper, 19th, Century
    Episode: Baton Rouge, Season 18 Appraiser: Christopher Lane, Prints & Posters Value: $3,200
    1884 Currier & Ives Lithograph
    Tags: Lithograph, Paper, 19th, Century
    Episode: Myrtle Beach, Season 17 Appraiser: Donald Cresswell, Prints & Posters Value: $3,500
    Inlaid Folk Art Card Table, ca. 1930
    Tags: Table, Wood, Maple, Cherry, Chestnut, Oak, Walnut, Ebony, 20th, Century
    Episode: Cincinnati, Season 17 Appraiser: Ken Farmer, Furniture Value: $3,500
    Early 19th-Century Rocking Windsor Armchair
    Tags: Arm, Chair, Rocker, Wood, 19th, Century
    Episode: Rapid City, Season 17 Appraiser: John Nye, Furniture Value: $3,500
    1798 John Trumbull Print
    Tags: Print, Paper, 18th, Century
    Episode: Seattle, Season 17 Appraiser: Christopher Lane, Prints & Posters Value: $3,500
    20th-Century Sporting Motif Reverse Crystal Jewelry
    Tags: Necklace, Earrings, Rock, Crystal, Mother, of, Pearl, 20th, Century
    Episode: Cats and Dogs, Season 16 Appraiser: Virginia Salem, Jewelry Value: $3,500
    Episode: Raleigh, Season 14 Appraiser: Rosalie Sayyah, Jewelry Value: $3,200
    Kellogg's Store Displays
    Tags: Advertisement, Cardboard, 20th, Century
    Episode: Wichita, Season 13 Appraiser: Gary Sohmers, Collectibles Value: $3,500
    Bliss Fire House & Pumper, ca. 1900
    Tags: Lithograph, Wood, Paper
    Episode: Orlando, Season 12 Appraiser: Noel Barrett, Toys & Games Value: $3,500
    Victorian Puff Heart Charm Necklace, ca. 1895
    Tags: Necklace, 19th, Century
    Episode: Spokane, Season 12 Appraiser: Rosalie Sayyah, Jewelry Value: $3,500
    Disney Cereal Box Cutout Collection, ca. 1930
    Tags: Animal, Advertisement, Comic, figure, Cardboard, 1930s, 20th, Century
    Episode: Louisville, Season 12 Appraiser: Gary Sohmers, Toys & Games Value: $3,500
    Heinrich Handwerck Doll, ca. 1900
    Tags: Doll, Composite, Wood
    Episode: Salt Lake City, Season 11 Appraiser: Kathy Libraty, Dolls Value: $3,200-$3,500
    Convertible Bath Tub, ca. 1880
    Tags: , Metal, Wood, 19th, Century
    Episode: Bismarck, Season 10 Appraiser: Leslie Keno, Furniture Value: $3,500

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