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    Your search for material Topaz returned 9 results.

    1917 Caldwell Hair Ornament
    Tags: , Enamel, Gold, Topaz, 20th, Century
    Episode: Portland, Season 9 Appraiser: Berj Zavian, Jewelry Value: $15,000-$20,000
    Topaz Diamond Brooch, ca. 1900
    Tags: Brooch, Platinum, Topaz, Diamonds
    Episode: Portland, Season 9 Appraiser: Virginia Salem, Jewelry Value: $7,000
    1848 Gold Presentation Sword
    Tags: Sword, Gold, Topaz, 19th, Century, Mexican-American, War
    Episode: Greatest Finds, Season 8 Appraiser: Christopher Mitchell, Arms & Militaria Value: $
    Gold & Topaz Jewelry Set, ca. 1835
    Tags: , Gold, Topaz, 19th, Century, Victorian
    Episode: Rochester, Season 3 Appraiser: John Weschler, Jewelry Value: $1,200-$1,500
    Giulio Nardi Jeweled Gold Moretto, ca. 1960
    Tags: Bust, Gold, Wood, Sapphire, Turquoise, Opal, Ruby, Topaz, Pearl, Diamonds, 20th, Century
    Episode: Eugene, Season 16 Appraiser: Sarah Churgin, Jewelry Value: $40,000-$60,000
    Mughal Indian Reversible Necklace, ca. 1900
    Tags: Necklace, Pearl, Enamel, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamonds, Coral, 19th, Century, 20th, Century
    Episode: Greatest Gifts, Season 16 Appraiser: Peter Shemonsky, Jewelry Value: $12,000-$15,000
    Two Art Deco Lapel Watches
    Tags: Watch, Gold, Diamonds, Topaz, Emerald, Enamel, Black, Onyx, Platinum, Art, Deco
    Episode: Phoenix, Season 14 Appraiser: Kevin Zavian, None Listed Value: $38,000-$60,000
    1820s Georgian Gold & Enamel Vinaigrette Bracelet
    Tags: Bracelet, Enamel, Gold, Topaz, Quartz, 19th, Century
    Episode: Grand Rapids, Season 13 Appraiser: Peter Shemonsky, Jewelry Value: $6,000
    Negligée Gemstone Pendant, ca. 1895
    Tags: Pendant, Box, Topaz, Sapphire, 19th, Century
    Episode: Hartford, Season 13 Appraiser: Virginia Salem, Jewelry Value: $10,000

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