An Endless Tradition

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Landscape with Woodcutter (c. 1522) by Albrecht Altdorfer.
Photo by Nutopia Ltd
Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this blog post are solely those of the author. 

Who better to depict art in nature than Ansel Adams and his photography. The first time eastern America viewed his western photographs it probably did look like a paradise on earth.

After viewing “Paradise On Earth,” our reactions were one in the same: well-organized and beautifully done. The storyline and cinematography are magnificent.

From beginning to end, we observed that the concept of “symbolism in art” is consistent and constant through time and cultures.

By putting aside our artistic circumstances as well as our cultural, political and religious differences, we all belong to the same creative community.

The relationship of symbolism in all cultures is a key thread that links all of us as creatives. Photography, drawing, painting or rugmaking – it’s all about the beauty of nature conveyed with symbolism. Working in different media is only a vehicle for the creative mind.

Pertain enjoys creating black & white images while I prefer watercolor. We interpret our art in different ways, yet with similar results. As artists, we add our individual voices to our creative endeavors. Brushstrokes and pencil markings are like thumb prints: each is unique, different, and in our own styles.

The concept of “Art is Civilization” had a very sobering effect on us. The symbolism of showing a space satellite circling the Earth shows unimaginable technology. Images from the Hubble Telescope are photographical art forms that show how far we have come as a civilization. It’s all about relaying visual symbolism to the viewer and making a statement with our art. The idea that landscape and nature can give us a sense of who we are is very thought provoking.

Our takeaway from the program: By putting aside our artistic circumstances as well as our cultural, political and religious differences, we all belong to the same creative community. All artists strive for perfection and are hardwired to interpret our art through symbolism in nature. It has been like that from the beginning of time.

Kevin and Pertain BucklandKevin and Pertain met while attending The Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio. For over 36 years this husband and wife team have owned and operated a graphics and fine art studio. Kevin enjoys painting and teaching watercolor while Pertain prefers creating black and white artwork and gardening. They live outside the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio.

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