The Second Moment of Creation

Examine the formative role of art and the creative imagination in the forging of humanity

Episode 1 Premiered April 17


Episode 1 Clip

The Protector of Civilization

Aired: 2018-04-17 2:45 Rating: NR

A Syrian museum curator sacrificed his life trying to save artifacts in Palmrya.


The first film in the series looks at the role that art and creative imagination has played in the forging of humanity itself.  We attempt to define what civilization is – by identifying what it isn’t.  

We look at the story of the first marks made 80,000 years ago and chart the first flowering of art in the West. 

We see Petra - a city carved into rock – and uncover the mysterious and astonishing masks of Sanxingdui in China, before we explore how civilizations rise and fall.


An Artist's Perspective

Artists Explore the Themes and Topics of Civilizations

Artists Explore the Themes and Topics of Civilizations

Finding Your Tribe

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Artistic Traditions, Handed Down Generations

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Raising the Question of Why We Create

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