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Ken Burns on PBS
The Civil War. A film by Ken Burns
Images of the Civil War
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All images of the Civil War featured on this site, unless otherwise noted, are from the following sources:

Library of Congress
National Archives
National Portrait Gallery
United States Army Military Historical Institute; Carlisle, PA

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Photograph of Elisha Hunt Rhodes: Robert Hunt Rhodes

Photograph of Sam Watkins: Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Fulton

Photograph of Frederick Douglass: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Photograph of the painting, Assault of the 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves at Fredericksburg: John Henry Kurtz.

Sources for statistics cited in the Maps section are as follows:
B&I: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War

EACW: Encyclopedia of the American Civil War

HPS: Heritage Preservation Services

National Park Service: NPS Web site (Civil War Advisory Commission - Report of the Nation's Civil War Battlefields)

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