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SAGE REMINGTON: In the dominant society, you know, anything that is free and running, channel it, use it, right?


SAGE REMINGTON: That’s okay. You can do that anywhere. But this is our river. This is our water.

SAM MAYNES: Anybody that comes in this office and says that they’re a member of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and they’re against the Animas La Plata project, you ask them if they’ve ever been elected to office down there and who they speak for. I mean here’s Leonard. He’s been, he was 30 years chairman of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and he couldn’t run for re-election last year because they have the, Indians have this bad habit of sort of monkey see, monkey do, you know. Somebody puts in term limits and the Indians think, oh, well, we better have term limits.

LEONARD BURCH: I’ve been working on this project for almost 30 years even before when in the planning stages, so I hope we can, I can live to see it at least start construction, you know. And Sam and I going to be around for the ribbon cutting too.

SAM MAYNES: Hey, well, thanks for taking a moment to stop

FLORIDA REP: My pleasure.

SAM MAYNES: If you ever get out to Colorado on the Indian reservation, why he’ll guarantee that you don’t get scalped.

FLORIDA REP: Okay (laughter).

SAM MAYNES: Mr. Burch, unfortunately, had a heart attack last July, July 30th and, uh, passed away and uh it was a very sad time for everybody who knew Mr. Burch and who supported the Animas La Plata project because he was certainly one of our strongest and best supporters, as was his tribe. We miss him.

RICK EHAT: I think that was his spirit blowing through.

SAM MAYNES: Yeah, yeah. He’s trying to say something. LAUGH. Yeah, he’s trying to say a little something, Leonard. He would be delighted. You saw him last time he was here. If he could be here today to see all this, why he’d be absolutely delighted. He really would.


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