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#201 Alsace-An Insider's Tour
St. Moritz Picture With links to both Germany and France, you might think Alsace would hve a bit of an identity crisis, but you'd be wrong. Alsace is the best of both worlds. For example, German grape varietals vinifed bone dry in true French style, and French cooking techniques applied to German staples like sausagees. We'll sample the wines and the cuisine of Alsace, hooking up with Domaines Schlumberger, and visiting the spectacular restaurant Auberge du L'ill.
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#202 The Real Mexico
A trip to authentic, old-time Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, where the Sierra Madre Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. We'll head out on the water to try our hand at sport fishing, sample the best of Puerto Vallarta's thriving restaurant scene, and hook up with some local favorites, "The Candy Man" and "Il Gran Taco!"

Then, we'll head to Tequila town to witness the age-old tradition of harvesting the blue Agave and making the magical spirit that is Don Eduardo Tequila!
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#203 Chicago-Hot & Happenin'!
Chilean Wine Picture Sure, it's my hometown and I'm biased, but Chicago's still one of the greatest food cities in the world! Catch the new wave of culinary giants stalking Chicago's kitchens from Sarah Stegner and En Ming Hsu at the awesome Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton-Chicago, to John Bubala who's making plenty of delicious noise at his restaurant, Thyme, to the sweet delights of Sebastien Cannone and Jacquy Pfeiffer at The French Pastry School. Its roots may be the blues, but when it comes to dining, Chicago's got nothing but sunny skies!
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#204 The Heart of Burgundy
Burgundy, one of the most famous wine-producing regions of the world. From Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes comes the stuff of legends. Step inside the vineyards of the Burgundian countryside from Chassagne-Montrachet to Mercurey. We'll get a Burgundian-eye's view of the Millenium harvest with French winemaker Michel Picard. We'll match Picard's wines to the three star cuisine of Jacques Lameloise. And, we'll hook up with The Savour of France, a week-long journey into the kitchens, cuisine, and personality of Burgundy.
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