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#205 My Old Kentucky Home
It's a beautiful part of the country, and a tasty one too! From the elegant Kentucky cuisine of Jim Gehardt to the whimsical offerings of Lynn Winter at Lynn's Paradise café, Kentuckiana offers something for everyone. And, what would a visit to Kentucky be without a little bit of bourbon? In this case, it's the historic Labrot and Graham distillery, makers of Woodford Reserve, perhaps the best bourbon around.
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and you call Ed Fackler at Rocky Meadow Orchards at (812) 347-2213.

#206 Guangzhou-The Heart of Canton
Chiles Culinary pictureCantonese cuisine is one of the oldest, most revered in the world. Here, we take you to its roots. The city is Guangzhou in southern China, the capitol of the Guangdong provence and the home of Cantonese cuisine. We'll visit the rice and herb market, tour a regional vegetable farm, get some help from an herbalist, and cruise down the Pearl River. We'll also learn how the largest Chinese Airline, China Southern Airlines, handles the hundreds of thousands of authentic Chinese meals it serves every year through a visit to its Guangzhou catering center. It's the real China as only Culinary Travels With Dave Eckert can bring it to you.
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#207 Scotland-The Single Malt Experience
Chilean Wine PictureDo you know the difference between and Islay malt and a Highland Malt? Do you know the difference between a heavily peated single malt and one that's sweeter? Have you ever heard of a single malt scotch whiskey that was aged for 16 years in bourbon barrels, then finished off in wine barrels? We'll answer those and other questions in our trip through the history, lore, and character of Scotland's single malt scotch whiskey industry. From Ardbeg in the island of Islay, to Glenmorangie in the Scottish Highlands, to Glen Moray in Speyside, you'll discover the process, meet the makers, and uncover the magic of single malt scotch whiskey.
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#208 Vegas-Best of the best  
Las Vegas has always been known for its sizzling slots and glamorous nightlife, but world-class cuisine?

That's right, today's Vegas includes some of the best dining around, and Culinary Travels is puttin' on the ritz, showcasing the best of Vegas' top restaurants. From Jean Louis Palladin at Napa, to Andre Roche at Andre's, to the incomparable Freddie Glusman at Piero's this is a tour you won't forget, and you don't even have to place a bet.
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