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#209 Super Tuscany
St. Moritz PictureThe Italian region of Tuscany and the Tuscan wines of Villa Antinori- it's one of the longest marriages on earth. The roots of Antinori go back hundreds of years. Their wines are the very heart and soul of Tuscany. We'll unearth some of the Antinori history, meet the people responsible for preserving that history, and match it all up with some authentic Tuscan cuisine. Then, we'll take a culinary tour of Florence, visiting the Grand Hotel and Enoteca Pinchiorri.
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#210 Sunny Tampa
Nestled along the Gulf Coast in Central Florida, Tampa has to be one of the prettiest cities in the country. And, it's serving up some pretty good grub too. We'll stop by Bern's Steak House; you know, the one with a 400-thousand bottle wine cellar. We'll also head to Bern's farm which supplies the restaurant with all of its vegetables and herbs. Finally, we'll make our way to Ybor City, the historic Spanish part of town for a visit to an authentic Cuban bakery and cigar factory. Come along for some tasty Tampa tidbits.
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#211 Scotland-Hog wild for Hogmanie!
Hogmanie is an ancient Celtic celebration, and no where is it celebrated with more abandon than in the ancient city of Edinburgh. And, this Hogmanie is the wildest of all, New Year's Eve 1999! Come along for a weeklong exploration of Hogmanie and Edinburgh from 2000 bagpipers marching down the Royal Mile, to authentic Scottish sweets, to Scotch Whiskey, to the most magnificent fireworks display north of Paris. Hogmanie in Edinburgh, it's a city and an event you won't soon forget.
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#212 Philadelphia Discovered
We know of Philadelphia's long and distinguished history, but its dining legacy has been anything but historic, until now. We're popping the lid on Philly's exploding culinary scene, and we've got a local guide to help us. Top notch chef Tony Clark will show us the ropes, from the two best Philly cheesesteaks in town, to the Italian market in South Philadelphia, to a hidden gem of a coffee roasting plant. Oh, and Clark's going to cook up a storm too. Join Culinary Travels With Dave Eckert for some historic hedonism in Philadelphia.
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