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#213 Inside the Big Apple
We're taking Manhattan by storm, from downtown to midtown, and a lot of ground in between. Celebrity chef David Burke of Park Avenue Café fame brings us his view of New York City, a rather myopic but ultimately delicious one. Burke takes us to the landmark Fulton Street fish market, to Little Italy, Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse, and his own Park Avenue Café. We'll also drop in on another great New York chef, by way of France anyway, Daniel Boulud.
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#214 Italy-North and South
We start our tour in Franciacorta, where Italy's best sparkling wines are made. We're headquartered at the ethereal L'Albereta, just a short drive east of Milan. Here, master chef Gualtiero Marchesi works his culinary magic. Nearby are the vineyards of Contadi Castaldi, one of the newer sparkling wine producers in Franciacorta, and already, one of the best. Now, we move to Campania, home to Naples, Mount Vesuvius, and the wines of Mastroberadino. Historically, Mastroberadino is wine's longest running success story. And now, Mastroberdino is making more history with replanted vineyards inside the ruins of Pompeii. Italy north and south, our tour starts right now!

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#215 Vancouver-Sunny Days in Rain City
If there's a more beautiful city in North America, I haven't found it. Clean, friendly, and diverse, Vancouver offers a myriad of culinary experiences. We'll head to the market, stop by a salmon smoker, visit Chinatown (the 2nd largest in North America), and visit "C," a contemporary seafood restaurant. We'll be anchoring our stay at the historic Hotel Vancouver and checking out its culinary program, which is nothing short of terrific!
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#216-California Wining & Dining
We start in the famous Napa Valley at the equally famous Freemark Abbey winery. With roots dating back to the 19th century, Freemark Abbey is one of Napa’s true landmarks. We’ll learn of the history, witness the excellence of the vineyards, and pair the wines with the California cuisine of chef Fred Halpern of Brava Terrace restaurant. From Napa, we’ll make our way to San Francisco where we’ll check out the local seafood at one of the best fish wholesalers in the region with one of the best chefs in the country as our guide, Michael Mina from San Francisco’s famed Aqua restaurant. Last, but certainly not least, we’ll explore the history, rebirth, and cuisine of the fabulous Fairmont-San Francisco!
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