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#217 Paris? Mais oui!
A German guiding an American television crew through Paris? It might sound odd, but German food and wine journalist Jorg Zipprick knows his stuff, and now so do we. Zipprick takes us on a whirlwind tour of Paris, from the markets, to the cheese shop, to his favorite gem of a bistro. We'll also take time to soak up a little of the highlife at the fabulous Hotel Crillion, and we'll rub elbows with perhaps the world's greatest chef, Alain Ducasse. This show might just change your mind about the Germans in France. It did mine!
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#218 Tuscan Travels
Join us on a Tuscan visit to three of the most significant wineries in the region: Ruffino, Gabbiano, and Brolio. We’ll start with the riches of Chianti Classico and the wines of Ruffino. The family is one of the largest vineyard holders in Tuscanys and their wines are among the best. From there, we’ll head to the more modern estate of Castello di Gabbiano, producers of one of America’s favorite Chiantis. Last, the ancient estate of Castello di Brolio, one of Tuscany’s oldest wine producing families. Three very different Tuscan wineries with one thing in common, a love and passion for the place they call home.
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#219 Beaujolais to Banfi
Chilean Wine PictureWe start in the rolling hillsides of Beaujolais in the very southern part of Burgundy. The man known as the "king of Beaujolais" is George DuBoeuf. His portfolio of wines is impressive, and so is his headquarters, The Hamlet of Wine. From the wine museum to the cantina, everything is first-rate at George DuBoeuf, and we will see it all. Later, we head to Montalcino, in Southern Tuscany, origins of the famous Brunello di Montalcino wines. Of all of the Montalcino estates, none is more impressive than Castello Banfi. We'll tour the vineyards, explore the castello, and pair Banfi wines with Banfi cuisine. It's bound to be delicious.
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#220 Kauai-The Real Hawaii 
Lush tropical forests. Stunning oceanfront cliffs. Magnificent white sand beaches. And, awesome raw products. It's all there on Kauai, which has been called the most Hawaiian of the Hawaiin islands. Come along as we tour the taro fields, explore a coffee orchard, visit a guava plantation, and soak up the beauty and culinary splendor of the Princeville Hotel.
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