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#221 Toronto Revealed and Revered
It's been compared to New York, but for me, Toronto looks, feels, and tastes a lot more like Chicago. It's Canada's biggest city, but it still has many small town charms, not the least of which are the two famous markets, Kensington and St. Lawrence. We'll take you to both, one creaky and quirky, the other jammed with weekend shoppers and tourists. We'll also get a sense of Toronto's ethnicity with a profile of one delightfully high in fat Italian Ice Cream producer, an Italian Trattoria, and an authentic Portugese restaurant. Top it all off with a back bacon sandwich, and you have the ultimate Toronto food experience!
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#222 Idaho-Famous Potatoes and a whole lot more!
Everyone knows about Idaho’s famous potatoes, or do they? They sure will when we get through. From the family farmer, to the harvesting, processing, and packaging, we’ve got the scoop on Idaho’s spuds, including some awesome home and restaurant recipes. We’ll also showcase Sun Valley, one of the world’s top resorts, and an area packed with great restaurants. And, from the Idaho wilderness comes Trinity Springs water. From a source two and a half miles deep the water pours from the ground at 138 degrees. It’s the deepest source of drinking water in the world, and some of the best water you’ll ever taste! It’s Idaho soup to nuts, or in this case, potatoes to water.
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#223 Smokin' in Kansas City!
Chiles Culinary pictureIt's the heartland of America and the heart of Barbecue country. Kansas City, Missouri is our destination, and barbecue is our theme. From sweet, sassy, or spicy sauces to legendary barbecue joints like Arthur Bryant's, to the largest barbecue contest in the world, Kansas City takes its "q" seriously. Don't miss this Kansas City Masterpiece!
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#224 Big Doin's in The Big Easy
Chilean Wine PictureWe all know how great the food is in New Orleans, but do we know the real deal from the tourist trap? You will now. New Orleans junkie Jimmy Bannos of Chicago's Heaven on 7 restaurants leads us on a jammin' tour of The Big Easy in search of the perfect Muffalatta, the best Po' Boy, and the most overlooked local gem of a restaurant. Loosen you belt and dive in, cher!
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#225 The Other Maui
The islands are Molokai and Lunai, and they're both in Maui county. They're both remote, but packed with goodies. On Molokai, it's sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts, aquaculture, and coffee; and we've got it all. Then, it's a short hop to Lunai where luxury awaits you.
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#226 Turks & Caicos-Island Paradise
Tucked in the middle of the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos is the perfect island getaway. With miles of pristine beaches and azure blue waters, Turks & Caicos is a dream come true. And, when it comes to the cuisine, it doesn't disappoint. We'll check out the best the island has to offer, starting with a visit to the local fish market. We'll also visit the world's only conch farm, and anchor our stay at the world-class Ocean Club with top-notch amenities and mouth-watering cuisine.
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