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#317-“Merlot and Walnuts-a Great Combination”
Location: Napa Valley-Rutherford Hill winery/Sacramento-Walnuts

We start this week’s show at the Rutherford Hill winery in the Napa Valley. While most of Napa’s wineries have focused on Cabernet Sauvignon, Rutherford Hill has turned its attention to another of the Bordeaux classics, Merlot. Getting the Merlot from some of Napa’s best vineyards, Rutherford Hill makes some of Napa’s tastiest Merlot. And, speaking of taste treats, how about some walnuts with your wine? We’ll crack the shell on these California treats, showing you how they're grown, harvested, processed, and of course, used in great recipes from appetizers, to entrees, to desserts. Like the title says, Merlot and walnuts, it’s a great combination!
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#318-“Malt Memories ”
Location: Scotland-Islay-Laphraoig distillery/Aberfeldie-Dewar’s distillery/local butcher, baker, and cheesemaker

Nowhere in Scotland will you find more distinctive whiskeys than on Islay, and nowhere on Islay will you find a more distinctive whiskey than Laphraoig. Love it or hate it, there’s no middle ground with Laphraoig; nor is there any compromise in its production. We’ll take you through that production, step by step, and sample some of the magic elixir along the way. Then, it’s on to the mainland and into the town of Aberfeldie where you will find the Dewar’s Aberfeldie distillery, its magical World of Whiskey display, and some of the country’s most authentic products from beef, to baked goods, to smoked cheese. I’m afraid a wee dram might not be enough for this show.
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#319-“California Gold-From Napa to Monterey ”
Location: Napa Valley-Villa Mount Eden Winery/Monterey-Stoke’s Adobe Restaurant, Bernardus Lodge

You can’t say enough about the picture perfect conditions for growing grapes and making wine in Napa; nor can you adequately describe the beauty and culinary excellence found in Monterey. But, we can give you a healthy dose of both. We’ll start in the vineyards with Napa’s Villa Mount Eden, known for full-bodied yet extremely well-balanced wines. In Monterey, we’ll stop by one of my favorite restaurants, Stoke’s Adobe, tour an exceptional organic garden, and anchor our stay at the exquisite Bernardus Lodge. It’s a slice of California you won’t want to miss.
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#320-“Pacific Northwest Wine”
Location: Washington-Covey Run Winery/Oregon-King Estate Winery

While most of the attention has been focused on the wines of California, especially the wines of Napa and Sonoma, the wineries of the Pacific Northwest have been making some pretty good products themselves. Here, we’ll stop by two wineries, Covey Run in Washington State’s Columbia Valley and Oregon’s King Estate outside Eugene. Covey Run is perhaps best known for its Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which we’ll match to the cuisine of Walter Pisano at Seattle’s Tullio restaurant. King Estate shines with Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, and its operation includes its own chef and some pretty serious cuisine. Two great wineries and a bunch of great wine-it adds up to a darned good show.
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